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We give you the best tools to create your logo. Thousands of images, typographies and symbols ready to use.

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Complete logo designer, 100% free that will allow you to create the logo for your company or brand. La aplicación online te permitirá diseñar tu logo de forma fácil y profesional.

Your logo will be:

  • Readable: easy to read in any size .
  • Shocking: will draw attention to the naked eye , creating memories for your customers.
  • Timeless: the design will last over time.
  • Unique: exclusive design for your company.
  • Adaptable: will adapt according to your instructions , following the philosophy of your company or product.
  • Reflection of your brand: reflect the values ​​of your brand.

You can use the logo in your website, Facebook page, Youtube channel or use the image as a profile photo in Whatsapp. Uses are unlimited!

Advantages logo designer

Easy to design logo

Our free online logo designer is easy to use. In only 5 minutes you can get professional results.

Choose an already designed template and you will be able to customize it thanks to our design platform to create your own logo for free.

Advantages logo designer

Thousands of images and typographies :)

We have thousands of images to use in the design of your logo. Our set of typographies includes the most used when designing logotypes.

Advantages logo designer

FREE logo design

We will not ask you money for download your logo. We assure you :)

Advantages logo designer

An easy to use logo generator

Our online logo creator is very easy to use. Create a logo with different fonts and design styles to convey your brand identity to your audience.

Create your free logo with Logosea

In we work hard to offer you the best logo designer possible.

In this website you will find more than 3000 icons and graphics to show all your creativity designing your logo online.

  • Computer, applications, programs.
  • Symbos, flags
  • Sports
  • Commerce
  • Companies
  • Tools
  • Desktop
  • Phones, computers, mobile, tablts, laptops
  • Buildings
  • School (notebooks, pen, pencils) and much more.

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Why do you need a logo?

A logo is an essential part of any company or business. Even if you only have a website, YouTube channel or Facebook page as leisure, a logo transforms your site into something unique , which will be identifed by your audience.

Over time, if the logo is well done and easy to memorize, your brand will let an unique mark on all who see it and interact with it

Easily design your logo with our online editor

If you think a logo is difficult to design you have to know that with our free program is not. It's even fun! The design will be in 3 phases:

  1. Choose your template: we offer you over 3000 logo templates and graphics to use them in your logo.
  2. Add your text: we have over 37 typefaces to choose the best for your business.
  3. Save your logo and download it in PNG format: Finally you can save your logo so you can modify it later. Or if you have it ready, download the logo in PNG format, thanks to this type of file your logo will keep the best quality and resolution whatever the use you want to give.

As you can see, it's very easy to create your logo and unlike other websites asking you for money when you finish creating it, in our online logo editor is 100% free.

What uses can I give a new logo?

When you create a new logo, you are defining the visual identity of your brand, thereby achieving better recognition and identification in the market

¿Que se te viene a la cabeza cuando piensas en Coca Cola? ¿Y en Apple? Pensando en estas marcas a todos nos viene a la cabeza sus respectivos logos.

Whatever type of company or brand you have, you can achieve the same effect as large companies and be remembered by your audience.

After designing a logo, use the high quality image you download for all the elements that have to do with your brand, Word documents, Excel, PDF, business cards, bags, letters, etc. You will be able to unify all the marketing of your company and a coherent visual and corporate identity in all its applications.

How long does it take to design a logo?

The average time of our users when designing a logo with our free application is less than 5 minutes.

Do I have to register to create a logo?

You don't need to register but if you want to take full advantage of the possibilities of the logo creator you can optionally write your mail.

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