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Logos for Restaurant/Cofee

Best free logos for Restaurant/Cofee.
You can also use our free logo maker to design your free logo online.
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How to design a Logo for a restaurant, coffe shop or bar

A logo is a sign of identity. We always should seek to be recognized quickly, and the best way is to create a BRAND. 

So, the first step is being associated with a drawing, using a logotype. In that case, we can offer at a glance all the information that a person needs to understand our restaurant and our target audience.

Why do we need a logotype for our restaurant?

The answer is simple: a great logo has the power to build a restaurant's brand and making it more recognizable.

What will a restaurant logo look like? Usually, restaurants choose a flat background for their logo. 

Some restaurants choose very detailed images for their logo. Classic restaurants, which have been in business for many years, usually reflect this in their logos.

In logosea.com, we always recommend a SIMPLE and plain logo, especially if you are starting your bar or restaurant business.

For example, we chose a logo that is white with black dots with a light grey border. 

Another important aspect is the color of the logo. It should be in line with the type of food the restaurant serves. Or, in the case of a bar, the chosen colors should be focused on the target client of the business (taking into account the age of the audience, gender, type of environment, etc.)

Three tips to design a logo for a cofee shop, bar or restaurant

1. Unique look: before designing a logo, it is essential to make sure its design has a distinctive look. It should be different from the other businesses in your area or the same business sector. That is the best way to ensure that the logo you design stays relevant to you. 

2. Easy to read: sometimes, a logo design is not easy to read because of the font. Inappropriate typefaces or colors that do not stand out well make it harder to understand what the company does and the message they want to deliver. 

3. Consistent: a logo should have some continuity and uniformity. 

Tools for designing a logo

There are different types of options, tools, templates, and additional software you can use. In the web design world, there are specialized software and services.

In Logosea.com, we have all the tools you will need to design your logotype easily and 100% free.

We have an online design tool to build your brand, with thousands of pre-made templates ready to use.

Or you can download any of these templates and edit them in your preferred software like Photoshop or Gimp. 

You can design a logo in no time. 

Some classic symbols in the bar or restaurant sector

1. Forks and knives: a classic symbol for bars and restaurants. They are the perfect icon that captures the essence of this type of business. It is the most versatile sign with the widest variety of uses and shapes: it can be used on a sign, printed on paper or placed on a website.

2. A chef's hat: another classic symbol for a restaurant. If your business makes exceptional food, is distinguished by quality, or has distinctive dishes, then using this symbol is a safe bet.

3. A plate: also a classic symbol for a restaurant.

4. A burger or pizza: if you run these restaurants and you want to attract young customers, this can be your symbol. It's easy to remember and makes it clear from the beginning what type of food you make.

5. Cup of wine: obvious if you run a wine bar. 

Suggestion: Google the most successful restaurant logos

If we look at the best restaurant logos globally, we find the connection between their name and a common visual identity.

The logo usually includes the restaurant name, a mark, and a slogan.

Most of them are detailed drawings of something related to their brand. 

For example, Starbucks has a cup with a leaf logo. It's a pretty complex logo that represents the company's roots and traditions. The colors used are a combination of green and white.

MacDonalds is another classic logo example. The famous restaurant chain started in 1940, and since almost 1968, its logo has hardly been modified. The big red circles or arches show the yellow "M" which represents the first letter of the founder's name, Patrick McDonald.

The Hard Rock Cafe logo features a cheery yellow combined with a brown shade of orange and white. The two colors symbolize two main ingredients of the Hard Rock Cafe, which are rock and food. Since the characters are capitalized, the design takes on a dynamic feel.


Many businesses spend a lot of money on marketing their products to attract customers. 

A good logo can help a business grow, as it provides a clear message and is often the first thing that customers see, so it should be easy to read and remember.

Always research the trends in your business sector to figure out how the logotype should be designed. 

To design a good logotype, you should ask yourself these three questions: 

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • How do other restaurants, coffee shop, or bar work their brand? 
  • What benefits should your logo provide?

Answering these questions should be a good starting point to be clear on what kind of design you want for your brand's logo.