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Logos for Automotive

Best free logos for Automotive.
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When we run a business, we should seek to be recognized quickly, associated with a drawing, using a logotype. In that case, we can offer at a glance all the information that a person needs to understand our business and our target audience.

Apart from an attractive and creative logo, a good logo design should also communicate your service quality and thereby represent your business.

Here are some tips that would help you find the perfect logo design for your Auto Repair Services shop.

Why You Need a Logo for your Auto Shop

Cars and vehicles are more than just a mode of transportation. Sometimes, they're a way to make a statement.

Every car brand tells a story about the person behind the wheel who they are, where they're going, and what drives them.

Whether you run a car repair shop, a dealership, or your own car company, your logo represents your brand and values.

A great logo can identify your brand quickly and easily without the customer having to think about it.

How to design a logo for an Auto Shop business

It's widespread to use complex and complicated shapes, font styles, colors, and images in logo design for Auto Repair Services shop.

This type of design may increase the complexity of the logo and hence the chances of having a logo that clients do not easily recognize.

So our main suggestion is: keep the logo design of an automotive business as simple as possible.

Also, try to be consistent in terms of colors and sizes in logo design services. The size of the logo and typography should be in proportional and logical sizes.

To design the logo of your car business, you may need to research some examples first.

You may want to look for the colors, formats, fonts, and symbols others are using to drive their business, as well as best practices for using them in your logo.

Most used colors in logotypes for an Auto Repair Services shop:

  • Yellow and orange: usually consider warm colors. The orange color is also dynamic and joyful.
  • Red color: represent some of the most used values in the automotive sector like power, energy, passion, determination, and speed. You definitively should consider the red color when designing the logotype of your automotive brand.
  • Black: usually stands for strength and professionalism. Also, you can consider the black color if you want to represent luxury or exclusive values in your brand.

What type of typography should I use for a car logo design?

Traditionally vehicle repair shops or dealerships use sans-serif and bold typefaces, as brands want to emphasize strength, safety, and masculinity. Also, fonts are usually uppercased.

Recent trends show a desire for more modern, minimalistic, and clean typefaces that work well in different devices.

Some classic symbols in the motor sector

These are some of the most used symbols you can use to design your logotype in the car business sector:

  • A car, motorcycle, truck, etc.: prominent symbols to represent this sector. They are usually represented dynamically and aggressively, giving the feeling of movement and speed.
  • A wrench or any repair tool: if you run a vehicle repair business, you may want to represent your business from the first glance.
  • A wheel: another classic example of a symbol in the car business, it fits perfectly in a logotype.

How to design a logo for a car repair shop or a dealership

Whatever design you choose, always remember this: you should seek to communicate a trustworthy and professional image to your potential customers.

If you want to use solid fonts or shapes, it's ok; go ahead, but try not to add excessive elements to your logotype, like multiple different symbols or different typographies.

You may want to do some research to find an example to get inspired.

Always keep this in mind: it's best to keep things simple.

It is really a challenge to create a logo that represents a brand in a simple, easy-to-remember and recognizable way. However, the ideal is not to use more than 3 colors and two different typographies.

It is very common to find in automotive companies logos with only one symbol, as is the case of already positioned companies such as Mercedes, Audi, Chevrolet, which are easily recognized without the need of associating them to a name.

In the case of garage companies, most logos are associated with images of tools together with the name or initials of the garage. What is sought is that recognizable element that allows users to distinguish it from the others and to grasp the message offered by the company.


These are some of the essential ingredients to design a logo for your car business.

We recommend you to browse some of the thousands of pre-made logotypes to get inspired and then use our online logo designer.