New Serif and Sans Serif fonts to create your logo

At we are continuously working toward providing you with the best logo design software. There has never been another online tool for designing logos that has offered so much variety whilst you create a logo.
We´ve added a few new fonts to the font library, actually… a total of 10 different fonts bringing the overall total to 37 fonts, allowing more freedom and creativity in the logo design process.

Here´s a snapshot of the new features:

Tipografía amatic-sc - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Tipografía pacifico - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Tipografía exo - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Dancing-Script :
Tipografía dancing-script - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Poiret One:
Tipografía poiret-one - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Gloria Hallelujah:
Tipografía gloria-hallelujah - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Tipografía righteous - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Tipografía josefin - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Tipografía philosopher - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

Tipografía tangerine - Diseñador logotipos gratuito

So its visible that we have amplified the variety you can choose from. Dede font style “handwriting” to more informal font style types. Our favourite… Poiret One, what’s yours?

Lets us hit you with some knowledge…

*   Why is the typography important in a logo?

The word typography originates from the Greek: typos “form” or “impression” and γράφειν graphein “to write”.
Needless to say, typography in any design today is important. A certain typeface style is used to express emotions, feelings, being a key element in the communication of the XXI century.

There are many different fonts, each used according it´s context (informal serious), according to the audience it is directed (youth, adults, seniors).

Typography came about from the development in writing, since each culture had its own way of writing and of course each person wrote in a different ways.

It may seem that creating a typeface is something simple but we assure you it is not. All the fonts you see on this page our in our online logo designer .
Logosea is made with the utmost care, so we have made sure to add a variety of styles and spacing.

Within fonts there are basically two different groups. Typography Serif and Sans Serif typeface You can see the differences in the image below:

Tipografías Serif y Sans Serif

When designing a logo with a specific typeface we recommend to need to ask yourself (or your client) the following questions:

  • What audience are we addressing? product / service or company?
    • For example, younger audiences tend to use a more casual typography.
  • Is it consistent for the type of product or service that is offered?
    • It would be inconsistent for example to choose a font “Times New Roman” if my business sells children ‘s toys.
  • Does the font fit well with the symbol (if any) of my logo?
    • Similarly if there is a picture or symbol in the logo, it must be consistent with the chosen font.
  • Is there a similar example that you can take as a reference?
    • For example, if I have a clothing store for minors just search Google “children’s clothing store” for ideas on logos, colours, fonts etc.

Logosea is the program to design logos it makes it very easy to experiment with all different typefaces. Simply type the text you want and then select the font.
Our users love that you can play, try and test any picture, logo, typeface, typefont ALL IN REAL TIME with our Preview Viewer.

So it´s your turn.., Do you have a typography in mind for designing a logo?


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